Try the Morning Routines of Jennifer Aniston, Oprah & More Celebrities

As the lazy, hazy days of summer come to an end, you may be torn between longing for a few more weeks of summer bliss yet also feeling excited about the start of September. There’s something about fall that’s particularly energizing. Perhaps it’s the cool fresh breeze in the air, or the anticipation of beautiful fall colors, the sweet smell of pumpkin and spices, or the exciting energy of ‘new beginnings.’

At this time of year, you may find yourself feeling like you’re in a bit of a rut. Believe it or not, many of us actually get off track with our goals during the summer. Although we often equate warm weather with more energy and assume we get more done, there are actually more distractions in the summer: barbecues, cottage weekends, summer parties and vacations. We tend to drink more, eat more and depart from our regular routine.

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